As the festive season is upon us, what artwork would suit this website more than the above depicted ‘Flower of Life Mandala’? It is designed by Minke de Hulster, mandala-drawing teacher at the Volks University Netherlands. I’m convinced a lot of contemplation went into it!

The wishes on this card also suit different types of holidays where we wish each other well. For us over here we’re having the typical ‘dark days before Christmas’ due to less sunhours. It coïncides with the solstice, and the world wide togetherness, or our unity consciousness that is activated in us all, through music, art, films, and the new years festivities.

What do you wish for the new year? For sure, it must be a bit of a magical year to come, due to the powerful number 2020! Also, the last day of this month heralds the transition to the third decennium of the 21th century! Verily, another milestone in history and something to be celebrated!

This weekend is accompanied by the solstice happening all round the world, at the same instant for everyone, everywhere on Earth! Depending on the area and timezone you live in, this is saturday the 21th or sunday 22th of december 2019. This years celestial event is almost halfway the full moon (Last year the full moon and solstice were on the same day or very close, if I remember well).

In the Netherlands we’re having our winter solstice on sunday december 22th at 05:19 MET (04:19 GMT), which is the shortest day of the year and thus the longest night. But since the sunlight hours will be increasing from now on, it feels a bit as the start of a new year as well.

It is also the beginning of the astronomical winter, whereas the meteorological winter starts at the 21th of december. And at the other half of our vast planet starts the beginning of summer! But no matter where we are, we’ll leap into the future together.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Margreet Otto

© 2019 | Margreet Wilschut