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Today is July 25, some say it is the day out of time, according to the Maya calendar. This reminds me of the same date many years back on July 25th 1945, when a unique event happend in a small historical theatre called ‘Diligentia’. This building is located in the old center of The Hague, the Netherlands. On this day, only three months had passed after the end of the second world war (Dutch liberation day is on the fifth of may).

At the time there was no internet, nor television, nor a local radio broadcasting station (as during the war free speech and music was forbidden). And the population on top of that had sufferend from prolongued hunger and starvarion during the long cold ‘hunger winter’. Yet more than 700 people had gathered to attend a lecture held by Dutch author Jozef Rulof (1998-1953).


Not everybody could fit in the Diligentia theatre, a historical building constructed in the 16th century, which only had the capicity to hold 500 people. Thus there was a long cue outside of the building, spilling over into the wide avenue called ‘Lange Voorhout’. In previous centuries, horse-drawn carriages drove here where the nobility resided in the elegant ornamental city buildings on either side of the broad avenue, with a lane and stately trees in the middle.


The lecture was the first of many to be held afterwards, 857 lectures to be precise, also in other venues and cities in the Netherlands and abroad. The latter included those held in the United States of America to which Rulof travelled several times, such as in the Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Hotel Barbizon-Plaza Art Gallery where he exhibited a few of his many paintings, as well as in New-Hope for the benefit of a cancer control fund, Philadelphia (televison broadcast), and New Jersey (radio station), Herald Tribune (newspaper), the city Rochester, and Solon in Florida (where his brother Hendrik resided who owned a large hotel, Rulof held an exhibition there too).


Jozef Rulof wrote 14 book titles, but a few of these consist of three volumes, resulting in a sum total of 27 books. Here you can find the books that are published online in several languages: Nederlands (Dutch), English (English), Deutsch (German), Espano (Spanish), Francais (French) and Portugues (Portugese). It takes about a year to read all 27 books!


But just the first book ‘A view into the Hereafter’, is of such incredible depth and beauty and profound revelations that after reading it, many find their lives changed forever. And those 700 attendees in Diligentia had read this first book, and some of his other books.

Thus most of those people where curious to learn more about what mr Rulof had to say. Especially because during the war, life had been very low key for everyone, and there was a lot of suffering and misery.

People wanted to know now: How or What? But there were also among them those only looking for sensation, because the content of Rulof’s books is rather unusual and for those thrill seekers of course controversial.


Nevertheless, at this very first lecture that mr Rulof held, he introduced ‘The Opening of The Age of Christ’. Now it should be explained that the author was inspired to write his books by those who live in the afterlife and who have evolved into a higher state of consiousness and evolution….. So yeah, that’s a bit unusual if you’ve never heard of it, and the controversial part right there if you can’t accept we all aren’t born at the same time and there’s such a thing as an afterlife.

In his books however it is thoroughly explained how Rulof was able to write in such a way, and how he was divinely led to also paint artisticly, hold lectures and much, much more.

Therefore it is stated in his books that his work encompasses spiritual scientific knowledge, which is given to us from the highest authority and mentor Jesus Christ. It is also explained how many people both on Earth and from Beyond are working together to bring about this great work, in order to uplift humanity.


For that purpose, Jozef Rulof also founded the Spiritual Scientific Society ‘THE AGE OF CHRIST’. The foundation has been officially registered on the 13th of September 1946 at The Hague in the Netherlands, Europe.

The original document of the registration of the foundation was signed by Jozef Rulof, a friend Leo Uittenboaard and three witnesses. The aim of the Spiritual Scientific Society The Age Of Christ has been given to Jozef Rulof by his spiritual leaders. It is formulated in the statutes of the Society as follows:


The aim of the Spiritual Scientific Society ‘The Age Of Christ’ is:

The spreading of the teachings in word and scriptures through the astral Masters by means of their instrument Josephus Gerhardus Rulof -or others designated by those masters’ appointed and build-up contacts-, which has been and will be donated to the Earth,

And through urging the masses to indeed profess these teachings in The Age of Christ,
which has now started after the most devastating war ever,

To deliver a fiery and valuable contribution
to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.




Interestingly,  it should be mentioned that in Dutch language, the word ‘Eeuw’ for ‘Age’ is used in the namegiving of the Society:

“Geestelijk Wetenschappelijk Genootschap ‘De Eeuw van Christus’.”

However, an ‘eeuw’ is literally a century of 100 years. And thus many readers of the books have been debating over the proper translation of this word, as it sometimes can also stand for ‘era’, thus a period much longer than 100 years.

Personally I think the word needs to be understood in both of its meanings. It is ‘century’ because of the opening of this Century of Christ on the 25th of July in 1945. As we know, Christ lived already longer before that, and came to Earth more than 2000 years ago in order to aid humanity, of which the Bible is still one of its artifacts.

And due to the drastic changes that have taken place during the last decades, in our society, in our technology, in our economy, in our climate, it looks like we have learned a lot, but are we using this vast development and knowledge for the benefit of all?

Somewhere in Jozef Rulof’s books is written that this century will be remembered by humanity till the end of times on this planet, due to the impact of the evolution it’ll bring. So yeah, that’s both a century AND an era!

Two more important things to mention:


Three of Jozef’s brothers moved to the USA prior to the war, of which one (Gerrit) died during the war. When Jozef visited his two other brothers Hendrik and Antoon for the first time after the war, they hadn’t seen each other in 16 years. His brothers noticed how emaciated Jozef looked due to the hunger winter. And then slowly they learned about the books he’d written and they were both very impressed.


There’s a site where one can read more about
Jozef Rulof’s life and the many events therein. It doesn’t deal with the actual content or message of the extensive work of Jozef Rulof. But a little bit of visual material can be seen such as pictures of himself, his wife and family members as well as other items such as documents and events, all put in a chronological timeline which can be helpful to clarify things and to place them in their historical context. The timeline itself hasn’t been translated in English.

The name ‘Jeus’ is a nickname by which Jozef’s mother used to call him in Dutch dialect language the ‘Gelders plat’ stemming from the province Gelderland where he was born.


They wanted to contribute to the cause and raised money from their own pockets, for instance by selling their houses to fund the translation and printing of one of Jozef’s books ‘Peoples Of The Earth’ in English.

After they had accomplished this, they send the books to all ’the great ones’ of the Earth. A few were mentioned in Jozef’s books: Truman, Churchill, the Dutch queen at the time Wilhelmina, and Marshal. But literally hundreds of books were send all over the world by Jozef’s brothers after Jozef returned to the Netherlands.


One last thing. Please do not think of this work lightly. One should really read the entire book series in order to give an appropriate judgement. It might take time to understand it all, as well as understanding ourselves with the new insights we’ve gained through these books, for as far as we are capable of to ‘Know Thyself’.

And although the books are written in a very loving language, with the deepest and most profound understanding of our human consiousness and evolution, it should be mentioned that the information touches ALL aspects of life.

These are both the highs it gives us, for instance when we’re in love, but also provides deep insights in human suffering, including that of our own, which can be confrontational, saddening and scary at times. So it’s a journey, and we’re all on our way to live forever happily after by learning more about our true nature and the cosmic laws described in the books, and by just doing the right thing in general.

Our hope is in Jesus Christ the Most High, Our Lord and Savior.

Margreet Otto Wilschut

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