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To start this introduction, I would like to mention first that people also know me by my last name Wilschut. This is because when I was 18, I officially changed my last name Otto, or maiden name as it is also called, into my mother’s last name Wilschut.

I did that because my parents divorced when I was four years old, and I lived with my mother from then on, and my contact with my father was not that close. That’s why I decided to adopt her’s last name. Back then you had to ask permission from the king/queen and also pay a large sum of money for it. Later I re-established contact with my father who passed away last year. BTW, while I’m on the subject, I should probably elaborate a litte bit more.

For instance, what’s it like to go through life with two surnames?
On the one hand I feel more familiar with the surname Wilschut as I feel more connected to my mother and my mother’s side of the family.

And I also carry my mother’s last name the longest during my life.

On the other hand, I have learned to integrate my maiden surname back into my life through the ‘name exercise’.

That’s how I learned that the birth name matters because it most resonates with ones life.


Through the name-exercise I learned to associate my surname Otto not only with my father, but with myself!

Because the name is also mine, and so I had to appropriate this surname again. I also felt often insecure about myself and had to learn to love myself more.

Naming the url of this website after my birth name was nevertheless a big step for me.
But slowly I grew towards it, because by accepting ones birthname, and wearing it consciously, it is also your most powerful ally, so to speak. And now I’m proud of both my surnames!

Time permitting, I’ll dedicate some blogposts to the name-exercise, because it’s interesting for sure!

I also like to write about things that inspire me or to what I feel attracted to, such as nature.
For example, I love the sound of the waves in the surf and the smell of the earth after rain!

I also enjoy walking in a pine forest or the sweet taste of sun-ripened berries. And of course I prefer to spend time with the ones I love!



My love for nature, the Earth and humanity has prompted me to present a number of already existing ideas of others, in a new inter-relationship.

From my own wealth of ideas I have added a few things. This has more or less led to a new mindset or ideology! On the next pages you can read more about these new train of thoughts.

On my blog page I have written articles about -among other things- nature, my ancestors and the consequences of a medical treatment I have undergone with RadioActive Iodine.

I got this medical treatment 22 years ago when I lived in America.  (The RAI series).

Due to the treatment with RAI, my metabolism has suffered damage to several organs and tissues, and I have been heavily burdened with major health problems all those years after the thyroid treatment (ablation). This has repeatedly led to life-threatening situations and even near-death experiences.


This is because of the very complicated medical condition that has arisen as a result, for which I have not received official recognition from doctors. So I had to save my own life several times. It is in itself not only a miracle that this has been achieved so far with the help of others, but also because of my own research seeking the right treatment  (but still not optimal).

However, my medical situation is largely invisible to the outside world. Moreover, there is no medical treatment protocol for people with injury from radiation (!), which I usually struggle with alone, and which has seriously limited my life.

I have a Masters in Graphic Design and I graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht. I have also completed several courses, including in the field of environmental  education. However, I have not worked professionally in these fields. This was largely because of chronic illness, but also because of my life course, in which, among other things, I have moved about twenty times.

I have also live abroad (from the Netherlands) in Switserland, America and short stays in Singapore. For the reasons mentioned above and previously, I have often done ‘volunteer work’ for various organizations. This has always brought me insights and I was happy to do this, but financially the combination of the aforementioned- and other factors, led to a poverty trap. Looking back, I’m thankful that I’ve gotten through it so far reasonably well.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, there are many people who feel anxious, lonely or sometimes even displaced. I sometimes have. But then I always tell myself that happiness often lies in small things and that in the end, everything will be allright in our world.

And even if in my life I have already given up hope a thousand times, then I think that the trick is to rise again for that thousand-and-one time.

And maybe that also applies to you? So please let us care about each other and be tolerant. After all, we never know for sure what is really going on deep inside another person. And together we can do so much more!



A number of nature-photos on this site I made myself. Often it is a choice of flowers, plants and trees that I want to plant on my own future estate.

I select these for aesthetic value as well as for practicality. For instance, ‘food-bearing’ or ‘evergreen’.

Like a walnut tree,  it isn’t evergreen but it has beautiful foliage in summer, and also produces walnuts. Or a pine, which is evergreen and produces edible pineseeds as well.


On this and my other websites I write blogs as well. I do that in both Dutch and English. Writing requires no physical effort. Although, sometimes I write half slumped in my desk chair when I have less energy to sit up. But then I remind myself that when I finally check out of this planet, I hope to have left it more beautiful and better by contributing to the bigger picture. Then I would have reached my goal.

Blessings to you!
Margreet Otto Wilschut

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